Enormous size to Giant ball of gas: 7 intriguing things about the Sun

As ISRO launches Aditya L1, a spacecraft to study the sun's atmosphere, let's find out 7 intriguing things about the huge star that provides energy to our solar system

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The Sun's Enormous Size

The Sun is incredibly massive. It's so big that you could fit over a million Earths inside it!

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A Giant Ball of Gas

The Sun isn't a solid object like Earth; instead, it's a giant, super-hot ball of gas mostly made up of hydrogen and helium. Imagine a massive, fiery gas ball floating in space

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Endless Energy Source

The Sun is like a colossal power plant that provides us with light and heat. It produces huge amount of energy every second, enough to power our planet for millions of years

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Sunspots and Solar Flares

The Sun isn't always calm; it has dark spots called sunspots and violent eruptions known as solar flares. Can create dazzling displays of light in the sky, like the Northern Lights

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Solar Winds

The Sun constantly blows out a stream of charged particles called solar wind. These particles can reach Earth and cause beautiful auroras

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The Sun's Age

The Sun is about 4.6 billion years old, which means it's been shining for a very long time. It's like a cosmic timekeeper

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Without the Sun, life on Earth wouldn't exist. It provides the energy needed for plants to grow through photosynthesis, and it warms our planet

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