7 long-weekend getaways near Ayodhya

If you're looking for weekend getaways near Ayodhya, here are seven options that offer diverse experiences.

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Lucknow is around 140 kms from Ayodhya. Famous for its historical monuments, Nawabi cuisine, and cultural heritage, Lucknow offers a blend of tradition and modernity.

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Chitrakoot, around 125 km from Ayodhya, is a town surrounded by forests and hills. It is believed to be the place where Lord Rama spent some time during his exile.

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Faizabad is known for its historical sites. It's an ideal destination for a short trip, and you can explore places like Gulab Bari, Faizabad Museum, and the military cemetery.

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Allahabad (Prayagraj)

Allahabad is known for the confluence of three rivers (Triveni Sangam) and the Kumbh Mela. The city has historical landmarks like Allahabad Fort and Anand Bhawan.

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Ayodhya Parikrama Marg

Take the Ayodhya Parikrama Marg for spirituality. Explore the region's religious legacy by visiting various Lord Rama temples and important spots.

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Hindu texts describe Naimisharanya, 150 km from Ayodhya. Sages performed yajna there. It has multiple temples and is spiritually significant.

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Varanasi (Banaras)

One of India's holiest towns, Varanasi, is 200 km from Ayodhya. Varanasi is a spiritual and cultural centre with Ganges River ghats, historic temples, and lively culture.

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