7 best personal finance apps to manage money

Discover the best personal finance applications for successful money management, including budgeting, monitoring spending, and investing, to meet various financial demands.

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Mint is useful software for tracking spending, creating budgets, and offering personalised financial advice. It is, therefore, excellent for money management.

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YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB assigns each dollar a purpose, boosting better spending habits and making it ideal for individuals who take budgeting seriously.

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Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard simplifies budgeting by presenting disposable money after bills and savings, making it ideal for managing everyday expenses.

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Personal Capital

Personal Capital combines budgeting and investment tracking, providing a comprehensive financial health perspective that is great for wealth-building enthusiasts.

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Good budget

A good budget uses envelope budgeting to help with expenditure planning, ideal for couples or families that jointly manage their resources.

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Wally records income and spending in many currencies, making it excellent for travellers or expats who need to manage foreign money efficiently.

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Clarity Money controls subscriptions, identifies savings, and records expenditures, making it ideal for identifying wasteful expenses and successfully fine-tuning your budget.

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