Must Read for iphone users: 7 hidden features everyone must know

Explore seven hidden iPhone features that offer enhanced functionality and convenience, ranging from voice control to location sharing and beyond

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Voice control

Utilizing voice control on iPhone empowers users to effortlessly open apps, navigate, lock the screen, and execute various actions through simple spoken commands

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Robocall silencer

Within the iPhone, there exists an integrated feature aimed at combating the nuisance of automated telemarketing calls, commonly referred to as robocalls

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Slide to text

The Slide to Text feature on iPhone enables users to compose messages swiftly by effortlessly sliding their finger across letters to form words

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Notes scanner

Effortlessly scan and send documents on your iPhone, streamlining the process for seamless convenience and ease of use

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Measure app

When a tape measure isn't readily available, utilize the Measure app on your iPhone, leveraging its camera to accurately measure objects with ease

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iMessage full-screen effects

In iMessage on iPhone, elevate the fun and emphasis in your conversations by incorporating full-screen effects into your messages for an extra dose of enjoyment

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Share location

When sharing your location with friends on iPhone, simply open a message, type 'I'm at,' tap Space, and then select 'Current Location' for swift and easy sharing

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