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Ram Mandir: Which 50 instruments will be played during Mangal Dhwani?

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Over 50 instruments to be played

Over 50 traditional musical instruments from across country will be part of devotional 'Mangal Dhwani' that will resonate for two hours ahead of Monday's consecration ceremony.

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Musical programme to begin at 10am

According to the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, the musical programme will begin at 10 am. The consecration ceremony will begin at 12.20 pm.

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Which instruments will be played?

The instruments include pakhawaj, flute and dholak from Uttar Pradesh; veena from Karnataka; algoja from Punjab; sundari from Maharashtra; mardala from Odisha.

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Here's some more

Santoor from Madhya Pradesh; pung from Manipur; nagada and kali from Assam; and tambura from Chhattisgarh; shehnai from Delhi, ravanahatha from Rajasthan will be played.


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& more...

Shrikhol and sarod from Bengal, ghatam from Andhra, sitar from Jharkhand, santar from Gujarat, pakhawaj from Bihar, hudka from Uttarakhand.

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Big day in Ayodhya

Lastly, nagaswaram, tavil and mridangam from Tamil Nadu will also be played. Ayodhya streets are filled with songs such as 'Ram Aayenge' and 'Awadh Mein Ram Aayen Hain'.

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