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Ram Mandir inauguration: Here's how you can light diya digitally

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With which app can you light diya?

You can light a diya or lamp digitally by using an app called Sri Mandir without having to visit Ayodhya. You can light 1, 5, 11, or 21 lamps in Ayodhya to welcome Lord Rama.

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How to light the diya?

Devotees can access Sri Mandir’s website. Click on 'Ramotsav' section, then on 'light Diyas in Ayodhya'.

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What's next?

You can choose between 1, 5, 11, and 21 lamps. The starting price is Rs 51.

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Over 100,000 lamps to be ignited

Between January 18 and January 24, the Raj Dwar Temple in Ayodhya will host a week-long event during which the app will ignite over 100,000 lamps. 

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Be careful of the frauds

It is important to administer caution as certain fraudulent activities have started taking place before the consecration process in Ayodhya on January 22.

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