Apple MacBook hack: How to check battery health?

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Ideal MacBook battery

If your MacBook battery falls below 80%, Apple advises replacing it. It’s good idea to check battery health if you’ve noticed it is depleting more quickly than before.

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How to check battery health?

Go to the Settings menu on your MacBook model. Then, proceed to the battery section.

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What's next?

You’ll see the ‘Battery health’ indicator here. If your battery is in good condition, it will appear as ‘normal.’ To check your laptop’s battery health, click the ‘i’ button.

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How to check number of charge cycles your battery has undergone?

Select Settings > General > About. Scroll down to ‘System report.’ Locate the Power tab within the hardware category.

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Information is there!

Your MacBook laptop’s cycle count will be displayed in the battery information.

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