Sunny Leone stopped by Kerala University from performing on campus

Kerala University's Vice Chancellor denies permission for a Sunny Leone stage show at the University College of Engineering, sparking debate on campus event policies

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Event Denial

Kerala University's VC denies permission for Sunny Leone stage show at Engineering College, citing lack of prior approval

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Union Disobedience

College union proceeds with plans despite government ban on DJ parties and concerts after a tragic stampede incident at CUSAT

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Administrative Stand

Dr. Mohanan Kunnummal emphasizes strict prohibition on unauthorized events organized by student unions on or off campus

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Government Directive

Ban on musical events imposed as a precautionary measure following the CUSAT tragedy that claimed four lives

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Sunny Leone's Role

Sunny Leone, known for her Bollywood career, was recently featured in a Malayalam film, "Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye''

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Public Reaction

University's decision sparks debate on campus culture and freedom of entertainment amidst administrative controls

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Future Implications

Uncertainty looms over student responses and campus event policies following the VC's firm stance against unauthorized programs

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