Sonam Kapoor turns 39: 6 controversial statements by the actress

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Comments on MeToo

During the height of the MeToo movement in India, Sonam Kapoor faced backlash for suggesting that some allegations were made for "attention" and calling for due process.

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Remarks on Nepotism

In a conversation about nepotism in Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor's comments defending star kids and the industry's nepotistic practices ignited a debate. 

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Twitter Spats

Sonam Kapoor's exchanges sometimes escalated into heated debates, drawing attention to her confrontational style of responding to criticism.

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Veere Di Wedding Controversies

The film "Veere Di Wedding," starring Sonam Kapoor, faced controversies due to its bold portrayal of female sexuality and strong language.

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Comments on India-Pakistan Relations

Sonam Kapoor made advocating statements for peace and understanding between the two countries have sometimes been met with backlash from nationalist groups.

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Fashion Choices

Sonam Kapoor is lauded for her fashion sense, but some of her outfit choices have sparked controversy. 

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