Sam Bahadur: Who was Sam Manekshaw? 7 facts about the real-life hero

Explore the life of the real-life Sam Manekshaw, affectionately known as Sam Bahadur, as Vicky Kaushal brings this iconic military figure to the big screen. 

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Full Name, Birth and Early Life

Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw was commonly known as Sam Manekshaw. Born on April 3, 1914, in Amritsar, British India, Manekshaw hailed from a Parsi family.

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Military Career

Manekshaw joined the Indian Military Academy in 1932 and was commissioned into the British Indian Army. He saw action during World War II and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947-48.

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Prominent Roles in Wars

Sam Manekshaw played a crucial role in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War as the Chief of the Army Staff. His strategic brilliance and leadership were instrumental in India's victory.

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First Field Marshal of India

In recognition of his outstanding service, Manekshaw was appointed as the first Field Marshal of India in 1973. This remains the highest rank attainable in the Indian Army.

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Nickname – Sam Bahadur

Manekshaw was affectionately known as "Sam Bahadur," with "Bahadur" meaning brave or valiant. This moniker reflected the immense respect and admiration he earned.

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Post-Retirement Contributions

After retiring from the army in 1973, Field Marshal Manekshaw remained active in public life. He provided valuable insights on military matters and national security.

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Personal Values and Principles

Manekshaw, esteemed for his honesty and commitment to military ethics, displayed unwavering integrity. His speeches resonate with a profound sense of duty and patriotism.

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