09-Jun-2023, 02:34:09 pm

Love Transformers and Avatar? 7 Popular Sci-Fi films to watch NOW

Here are a few movies to boost your spirit before catching Optimus Prime on the big screen.

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Avatar: The Way of Water

The story of Jake and Neytiri grows further as we explore pandora and the complexity of the events. (Disney+Hotstar)

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In the classic tale brought to life, an extraordinary young man tackles a dangerous planet to achieve his destiny and save the future. (Prime Video)

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Everything Everywhere All At Once

This Oscar-winning film is the story of an unlikely hero who battles an interdimensional rupture, unravelling reality. (Prime Video or SonyLIV)

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The Adam Project

A heartwarming tale where a time traveller crash lands in the wrong year, pairing up with his young self to save the future. (Netflix)'

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Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Cage is thrown into a battle with aliens and discovers that he can reset the day, which he uses to win the vicious war. (Netflix)

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The Martian

Being stranded on Mars, Mark Watney prepares to colonise the planet and struggles to survive, will help finds him. (Disney+Hotstar)

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One of Nolan's best works, experience a journey through the Galaxy and time to find humankind a new home. (Netflix)

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