Happy Birthday Jayaram: Top 7 films of Padma Shri awardee

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Meleparambil Aanveedu

A young man marries a Tamil girl, and because he is afraid of his family, he takes her in as a servant. When his older brothers start to fall for her, problems arise.

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The tale of three childhood friends and how one friend's love alters their lives.

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Sandesham (1991)

A satire of modern Kerala politics in which brothers become local leaders of competing parties, causing their elderly and formerly proud parents anguish.

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Manassinakkare (2003)

The family of Old Kochu Thresia finds her childish behavior annoying. With a practical young man named Reji, she makes an uncommon companion who complies with her requests.

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A girl admitted to the hospital following a catastrophic injury loses memory of her past. When she falls in love and feels secure in his company, she ceases to care about the past.

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Happy Husbands (2010)

Three people had their lives impacted by a pub singer; as a result of a string of unfortunate events, they all end up together while on holiday in Malaysia.

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Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal (1989)

Because her brothers pamper Kunju Lakshmi, she may feel a little arrogant. Shivashankaran, a peon, decides to discipline her when she accuses him of mistreating her.

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