Boxer to Beagle-7 naughtiest and stubborn dog breeds

Here are seven breeds that are commonly regarded as extremely lively and full of mischief.

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Boxers are playful and full of energy, often acting like eternal puppies. Their exuberance can sometimes lead to trouble if they don’t get enough exercise and attention.

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Beagles are curious and have a strong sense of smell, often leading them into trouble as they follow interesting scents. They are known for their energetic and playful nature.

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Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russells are small but extremely energetic and intelligent, often getting into mischief if not given enough physical and mental stimulation.

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Dachshunds, or "wiener dogs," are known for their tenacious and adventurous personalities. They love to dig and explore, sometimes getting themselves into tight spots.

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Siberian Husky

Huskies are highly intelligent and independent, often leading to naughty behaviours like escaping or getting into things they shouldn’t. They are also very vocal.

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French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are charming and playful. They often engage in mischievous behavior to get attention, and their curious nature can sometimes lead them into trouble.

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Labrador Retriever

Labs are friendly and playful, but their high energy can sometimes lead to mischievous behaviour, especially if they are not properly exercised and mentally stimulated.

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