Virat Kohli: 6 life lessons to learn from King Kohli

Image credits: Virat Kohli/Instagram

Trust God's plan

Virat Kohli is often heard saying to trust God's plan, no matter what you do it's him who will make you succeed.

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Respect opportunities

As per Virat, it is important to respect opportunities with your head low and without attitude.

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Never give up

No matter what the outer world says about his performance, we should never give up. 'Work hard and never give up'.

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Take risks

In an interview, Virat said, "Take risks, there is nothing called you are safe."

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Bad phases are part of life

Low days are part of life but a bad day is not a bad life.

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Nobody is ever too busy

Virat Kohli is often seen doing video calls with his family post matches which proves that no one is ever too busy for anyone.

Image credits: Virat Kohli/Instagram
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