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'Indie Scoop': Featuring Veronica Fusaro, BODMAS and Moli

Indigo Music's RJ Rohit provides a round-up of independent artists on 'Indie Scoop'. In this edition, we feature Veronica Fusaro, BODMAS and Moli

In yet another edition of Indigo Music's Indiescoop, we showcase more independent artists who are making a mark with their music. In this edition, we feature:

Veronica Fusaro: Veronica Fusaro from Switzerland has come out with a brand new number called 'Summer Lightning'. She recently visited India and she had a blast in Mumbai. She apparently had lots and lots of food. 

BODMAS: Yes, BODMAS means Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition and Subtraction. But why is this brilliant artist named so? He is a Maths teacher and he also makes brilliant music. He basically mixes Indian folk music with electronic dance music has in fact been verified by Afro Jack. His track, 'camel culture' was reacted to by the one and only Afro Jack. Afro Jack was in awe when he heard this track. 

Moli: This independent artist from India has released a brand new beautiful track called 'Abstraction in the Abyss'.

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