Amidst Covid-19 scare and over 1 crore positive cases since March 2020, now 90 cases of Britain virus, new mutant variant has been confirmed.

After fresh eight new cases of the new variant were reported, now it appears that soon the caseload would breach three figure mark.

As per reports and claims by Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar last week, the new variant is not much impactful but it spreads 70% faster than novel coronavirus.

First case of a new variant of Covid-19, was reported on December 30 after six UK returnees tested positive.

As the Indian government will allow passengers to return from the UK from special flights till January 23, RT-PCR tests upto 72 hours before boarding a flight and upon arrival have been made mandatory.

The new virus scare is said to have swept the entire European nations like Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands. Apart from these countries which reported new variant cases, nations like , Lebanon, Singapore, Japan, Canada and Australia also have reported few cases and the respective nations have put their health system on high alert.