Aam Aadmi Party has used a video of PM Modi to send a message of use of face mask, a protocol by the Health Ministry to fight COVID-19. Interestingly, in the video PM Modi can be seen walking without a face mask and also refused to take one when a volunteer offers him.

The video of the PM saying Mask Nahi Chaiye is being trolled and has gone viral.

The Aap Twitter army is using this footage and putting out a post with the tagline saying, "wear a mask, don't be like Modiji."

PM Modi can be seen walking at a fair and as soon as he reaches a particular stall, a volunteer can be seen offering a mask to the PM which he refused to accept.

As per the direction from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, wearing a mask, sanitizing hands frequently, maintaining distance are key guidelines issued to keep safe from Covid-19.

In some places a person seen without a mask will be punished and will have to pay a penalty.

In places like Bengaluru, the cops who may not have shown interest in solving a case or prevention of crime, but are very strict in terms of collecting fines for this offence of not wearing face mask.