New Delhi: After reports of veterans attending farmers’ protests near Delhi borders in uniforms and medals, Indian Army on Wednesday issued an advisory, asking them to wear them as per the Army regulations. 

The advisory issued to the Kendriya Sainik Board reads, “It has been observed with concern that during recent political parties/rallies, some of the Ex-servicemen were seen participating in the protests/rallies while donning their service uniforms and medals.” It can be worn by the veterans as per the army regulations. 

Sources in the defence establishment said that the Army rules prohibits wearing uniforms, ribbons and medals in political rallies or protest sites. 

The Army also asked its serving personnel to stay away from farmers’ protests. 

As per the reports, the personnel who were on leave attended the protest rallies. 

“At the unit level, troops have been sensitised about these issues. As uniformed personnel, they cannot be part of such protests,” said sources.