Telangana government on Monday organised a grand welcome to Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on his first official visit in that capacity. The grand felicitation programme was attended by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao along with political party leaders and prominent people.

This was the first time Venkaiah Naidu received such a grand welcome on such a large scale though he’s been visiting Hyderabad every weekend. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation erected hoardings at every 100 metres of both Venkaiah and KCR. He was given a civic reception at Raj Bhavan and later a sumptuous lunch was arranged in his honour.

Both Venkaiah and KCR are known for their great oratorship. For the past 15 years, they have been using their magic of words on people and earning respect, appreciation, and surprise of the people for their thought-provoking words.

KCR with his verbal magic garnered the support of New Delhi and succeeded in forming Telangana State. Venkaiah on the other hand, though in ruling side or opposition, earned a name for his great thinking and oratorship. He gathered the support of the South to become BJP president, then Central Minister and now Vice President.

Probably for the first time, both leaders shared a platform though they have been politically adverse. But the bifurcation changed the tables with both the leaders trying to get into the good books of each other. Speaking in the felicitation programme, KCR appreciated the simplicity of Venkaiah Naidu and said that he has taken the prestige of Telugu people to new heights.