Nine Telangana Rashtra Samithi MPTCs (Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency) from Warangal resigned from their posts and also from the primary party membership of TRS on Wednesday. The move came about after they were grieved for not being able to serve the people. They were saddened that none of the TRS leaders assisted them.


They expressed their grief that they couldn’t serve the people who had voted for them. They said they were unable to give them answers as none of the party leaders bothered about them. They would send their resignations to Mandal Chairman, Constituency in charge and State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.


The nine MPTC who resigned their posts are

1.    Chaulam Venkateswarlu (Rajupet)

2.    Dhara Rambabu (Kathigudem)

3.    Maraboyina Govardhan (Malluru)

4.    Bocchu Samatha Venkanna (Ramanakkapeta)

5.    Chilulamarri Aruna Kumari Srinivas (Cherupalli)

6.    Chinnapalli Srilatha Rambabu (Thimmampet)

7.    Gadhari Dhanalakshmi (Mangapet)

8.    Yetti Narsimha (Narsimhasagar)


Another MPTC resigned along with these eight persons. TRS leaders are shocked with this political scenario and are worried as this is the district of Telangana Assembly Speaker S Madhusudanachari.