Telangana IT Department issues strong warning to netizens who have opened Facebook fake accounts in the name of Telangana government or the people representatives. It warned of strict action towards all those impostors and immediately warns them to close such accounts.

The letter issued by the IT department:

“Digital Media wing of Telangana State Government IT Department in collaboration with Telangana State CMO (Chief Minister’s Office) has been managing the official page of Telangana CM

“Digital Media is also managing on behalf of IT Minister KT Ramarao.

“The official Facebook accounts of State Cabinet Ministers, Government institutions and elected representatives will have ‘Verified’ tick mark in blue colour.

“Facebook being a private platform, many enthusiasts are opening FB accounts in the name of their leaders or government. Digital media repeatedly warns them after scrutinising such sites. If they still continue to do so, the Cyber Crime with the assistance of FB is removing those fake accounts.

“In the past two years nearly 130 fake accounts have been removed and even today the removal process of 15 fake accounts is underway.

“The irresponsibility of a few people is responsible for the creation of such fake accounts. We have not taken any stringent action against such impostors on humanity grounds till date. But strict action will be taken against those who repeatedly commit this crime.

“Our sincere request to the media and the people:

“Please note that the official FB pages of Government and elected representative will have a blue verified tick mark. If you come across any fake FB accounts please inform the Digital Media via this mail ID.