All great people had critics but they still believe in the beauty of their dreams, fully persuaded to stay focused and determined for the realisation of their dreams. 

This is the tale of Kanhaiya Singh, an ambitious enthusiast, turned into a successful entrepreneur. Starting from ground zero and without any pre investment, Mr. Singh turned the tables with his zeal and hard work to an empire, setting examples for many in the Influencer marketing industry.

Kanhaiya Singh is a young 19-year old Entrepreneur, A Social Media Influencer turned digital marketer who is also the co-founder & director of " FNF MEDIA - An Influencer Marketing Agency ". Kanhaiya  started FNF MEDIA in November 2017. FNF MEDIA has established ongoing businesses with brands such as EXIDE LIFE, KIA Motors, SBI, Reliance Entertainment, Kajaria Tiles, Comio Mobiles, PCRA, etc. to name a few.

Kanhaiya Believes that the digital marketing era has just begun in India. Shortly, digital marketing is going to take over almost all other ways of marketing. With the increased usage of mobile, laptops, tablets and internets, it has become super easy to target audiences nowadays!

Kanhaiya's journey was not a path of glitters and gloss he faced many struggles to survive and succed in this marketing world ! The only thing that kept him motivated and uplifted throughout the journey was , keen desire to fullfill his dreams no matter what ! Because his life mantra was clearly DEFEAT DEFEAT BEFORE DEFEAT DEFEATS YOU 

That's exactly how he made it possible ! And we are in awe with his dedication towards his work that's makes him the featured entrepreneur of the week !!