The rise in popularity is owing to the automation they bring in apartment and housing society management. ADDA - The Apartment Super App is a pioneer in the niche of society management software. The Resident App is powered in the backend by the powerful SaaS suite of ADDA ERP and ADDA GateKeeper.

Maintenance Payment: The App allows apartment owners or tenants to pay maintenance directly through the app. The integration of payment gateway gives several options of payment that helps non-resident owners to pay their maintenance on time and also helps to increase total revenue collection.

Online Ballot: This feature is also available as a standalone module. As the name suggests, residents can use this feature to vote for their Association Elections. This allows contactless remote voting contributing to high voter turnout.

Home Quarantine Tracker: Residents can self declare their apartment unit as quarantined if such an event arises. This helps Associations to arrange for the delivery of essentials or any other assistance needed by the quarantined members.

Panic Alert & Emergency Numbers: The Home Screen of the App has a Help Button which when pressed for 3 seconds, sends out automated SOS messages to pre-configured trusted contacts of family/friends. It also leads to a list of emergency contacts that specifically serve the user’s neighborhood.

Discover: This interesting feature hosts several local vendors who provide a variety of at-home services across a variety of categories - home cleaning, laundry, appliance care, car servicing, medicine delivery, senior citizen care, etc.

HelpDesk: Unit repair and maintenance has become easier with this feature. Residents can directly raise a complaint through the App and track its progress.

Apart from these popularly used features, The Apartment Super App is packed with more helpful features like Online Notice Boards for disseminating official communication, Discussion Forums, Updates From the Gate including visitor verification/domestic staff check-in, Slot Based Facility Booking to help maintain community life while practicing social distancing.