One of the key highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the facial recognition feature, alongside the iris and fingerprint scanner. It shows how Samsung has emphasised on security with several options. However, a new video surfaced by iDeviceHelp shows that it may not be the most secure way to lock your device.


The video shows how the facial recognition software can be fooled using a photograph. Watch the video below:



As you see, it took multiple attempts, but the software finally unlocked the device with a photo. So, though facial recognition may the newest feature to come to phone, it isn't the best for your device compared to an iris scanner or a fingerprint scanner.


However, we've earlier seen reports how biometrics persistently face security problems. Experts have also begun warning about the newer modern-age problems that biometrics could bring. Research by a team at Japan's National Institute of Informatics (NII), has warned users that high-quality cameras can easily copy the fingerprints. NII researchers were able to do so from a photo that showed users posing with a casual peace sign.


Your password has to be inherently private, but your fingerprints are out there for everyone to see. In a movie-like yet realistic scenario, imagine sipping wine at a bar while someone easily snaps off those fingerprints from the glass.


Probably, it’s time to go back to using a PIN or a password if your phone has private information.