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Paytm outage: 5 Reasons to be wary of the digital payments service

  • Paytm outage compelled the makers to pull out the app from Apple app store.
  • Paytm said a bug was responsible for the problem and it is working on a update.
  • In the wake of demonetisation, consumers can be unforgiving towards such incidents. 
Paytm iOS bug
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While the woes of demonetisation continue, the most popular mobile wallet service, Paytm, faced a massive outage. While there is no best time to err, it is definitely not when a lot of people are pinning hopes on you in the bid to go cashless. Off late Paytm has been in news for all wrong reasons, which raises several questions and makes us wary about the service, at least for now. 


Paytm outage

Those who tried accessing Paytm on iOS faced problems in the past couple of days. Users were unable to log into the app and make payments using the mobile wallet. The app would hang and abruptly log off users from the app. In a nutshell, it went totally off radar for iOS users.


Blamed it on a software bug

Paytm acknowledged the problem and blamed a bug to have caused it. The e-wallet company said it is working on a new update. "We are sending an app update to Apple immediately and requesting them to approve the same as soon as possible. Once live, we request our users to update their iOS app, the company wrote yesterday in a blogpost.

While at such times, the least one can expect from the company's pioneering digital payments company is an efficient customer service. However, some users felt the customer care didn't care about their issues.

App disappears from the store

Meanwhile, the company went ahead and pulled out the app from the Apple App Store. The company said that very few people were affected by the bug, and worked on damage control by simply deleting the app from the store. 

However, this morning, users saw a new upgrade in the form of version 5.8.2, a 54.5MB update that says, "Critical bug fix. Please update your app immediately." The company tweeted out the update is available.

Paytm iOS bug



Paytm caters to roughly 170 million users and the outage in the time of demonetisation hasn't been taken well. Post demonetisation announcement, Paytm had registered over 7 million transactions in a day, and the number has been increasing. For consumers who have filled their wallets with money, and unable to use it, it can be a daunting experience, especially in the wake of demonetisation. 

It raises questions about how reliable these services can be when it comes to accessing your money anytime, anyday. What if your money is stuck just when you need it the most?


Moreover, it cannot be ignored that Paytm recently filed a case against consumers for duping the company for Rs 6.5 lakh. But, what raised eyebrows is the involvement of the CBI, which is said to be quite unusual when it comes to such a small amount. Now, the CBI has registered another case involving Rs 3.21 lakh after a complaint from Paytm.

This again raises alarming questions about the security of your money as the company has been a victim of fraud itself. Security is of utmost importance when it comes to online transactions, and incidents like this could simply weaken the trust people put into such digital payment services. 

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