A year ago, you would be paying roughly Rs 250 to Rs 400 for 1GB data, and today you get 1GB data per day at roughly Rs 400 or even less. The telco responsible for this is Jio. Jio took the market by storm as it made its first announcement on 5 September. Let's see five things that the telco has changed for you.

Data, data and more data
It's been raining data ever since Jio announced its free data plans last year. Jio churned out some attractive data plans and India quickly moved from 1GB/month to 1GB/day. Post the free period, the data usage didn't take a dip and was maintained to large data on platter. Soon, Vodafone, BSNL, Airtel and other had to stay at par. Eventually, it was a win-win for consumers. 

Free voice
It wasn't just about 4G data, but Jio just changed the market for voice calls. Today, you will often hear words like free and unlimited attached to voice calls. 

Cheaper plans
The prices for data have evidentally dipped. You won't get a raw deal anymore. There are a plethora of plans to choose from that cater to data as low as Rs 5 to as high over Rs 1500. 

You consume a lot more data than you did
Today, you can consume a lot more data than you did before the Jio effect. In fact, at the recent AGM, Mukesh Ambani had revealed that data consumption in India increased from 20GB to 120GB in six months. 

Efforts to improve networks
Companies have been trying to improve their networks in order to woo audiences. While migrating from 2G to 3G took years, but jump onto 4G was rather very quick. With Jio's feature phone priced at Rs 0, 4G could be easily accessible by those who refrain from using smartphones or cannot afford them.