Curved OLED display

An OLED display for the iPhone 8 has been the most consistent rumour, so far. However, it's reports about the curved OLED that added further zing to the device. A borderless OLED curved display with all-glass design may make the iPhone 8 even more desirable than it is. However, there have been mixed reports about the curved display. 


Red variant

In the past, we've seen gold and jet black work wonders for the variants that introduced these colour options. A red colour is expected to make a grand entry this year. A shiny or matte red is not yet known, but a red iPhone is definitely something Apple fans are looking for.

Wireless Charging

It's been a while that Samsung has included this feature, and Apple is now likely to borrow it for the iPhone. Wireless charging for the iPhone 8 could mean Apple fans will no more envy Samsung counterparts who can simply leave a device to charge without any attached cords.


Water resistance

iPhone 7 came with water resistance capability, but at a slight disadvantage with the iP67 rating. The company would rectify this with the upcoming device. After all, it should offer efficient protection against water and dust, considering the high price tag it could carry.


3D Sensing and Augmented Reality

Though unclear, Apple has plans for 3D sensing and augmented reality. The company already has a large team working on the technologies after making a notable number of acquisitions. So, one can reportedly expect a 3D sensing front camera for depth in games and facial recognition.


Design overhaul

It will overall look like a device, unlike any other iPhone before. In fact, the company also plans internal design changes to ensure a sleek body can fit in all those components. The internal redesign may include breaking the logic board into discrete units that are connected with a flex cable. The position of the SIM tray could be changed in order to make room for more components.



It is believed to be working on a powerful chipset, and going by the nomenclature could be named A11. TSMC is said to be manufacturing the 10nm A11 chip.


Dual rear camera

There have been mixed reports about the iPhone 8 embracing dual camera setup, just like we saw in the iPhone 7 Plus. But, this is one feature camera fiends wouldn't want Apple to miss.