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Instagram's THIS feature will help teens reduce their screen time

Meta is introducing a variety of new features for teens on Instagram and Facebook as part of its ongoing efforts to promote healthy social media habits and enhance privacy and safety for its younger users.

Instagram THIS feature will help teens reduce their screen time check details gcw
First Published Jan 19, 2024, 2:41 PM IST

For its younger audience on Instagram and Facebook, Meta has been developing additional privacy and safety measures. Teens may now manage the material and search phrases they view on the site thanks to tools that the firm has previously implemented. Meta has recently added new tools, such Parental Supervision, Nighttime Nudge, and more, to continue its efforts.

Teenagers frequently get sucked into hours of social media scrolling, particularly on platforms like Instagram's Reels and Direct Messages.This is a behaviour that frequently robs people of essential sleep. In response, Meta is launching "Nighttime Nudges," a new Instagram function designed to encourage teenagers to have healthy sleeping habits. The function will gently urge teenagers to log out for a better night's sleep if they spend more than ten minutes on Reels or Direct Messages late at night.

Meta released new tools for Parental Supervision last year. Without disclosing the contents of messages, the features are designed to provide parents a better picture of how their teenagers use the Messenger programme. The function, which includes time monitoring, contact updates, and privacy settings adjustments, is designed to protect the privacy of the younger demographic. After a first release in the US, UK, and Canada, the tools are currently being made available on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Horizon Worlds on a worldwide scale.

Additionally, Meta is exploring new capabilities in Instagram direct messages to shield users—especially teenagers—from unsolicited encounters. Safety alerts for possibly suspicious activity and limitations on anyone over 19 sending private messages to teenagers who don't follow them are among the new features. Further capabilities, such as invite-only connections, restricting message request invites to text only, and stopping unwanted material from being delivered until the connection is accepted, are also being tested.

Meanwhile, in an effort to foster a positive online experience for teens, Meta is also introducing features such as "Take a Break" on Instagram. Soon, teens will receive notifications after spending 20 minutes on Facebook, encouraging them to take breaks and set daily time limits. 

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