For the last couple of months or so, Apple iPhone 6S users have been complaining about the glitch they are facing with the sets battery. Apple Inc. in return announced that they will be replacing the batteries for free for select models made in September and October.


The company asked the users to return the device to the company and get the batteries changed for free. This lead to a massive confusion amongst the iPhone 6S users. Most of them started visiting the Apple stores as they were not aware when the handset was manufactured.


To overcome this situation, Apple has now come up with an innovative idea which will help the user know whether they are eligible to change their battery for free.


Here’show one can get to know about their eligibility to change the iPhone 6S battery:


  • Tap on Settings


  • Tap on General


  • Then tap on About 


  • Then look for your device's serial number, IMEI/MEID, and ICCID.


  • If you would want to pass on this information into Apple registration or support forms, tap and hold the number and copy it.