A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated by their personal interests and daily activities. As such, lifestyle blogs are oftentimes highly personalized to the author’s location, life stage, and experience.

Social media influencers, loosely defined, are people who have a large audience reach across social platforms and have built a lot of trust in a specific industry. Most may think that a social media influencer is simply a person with a huge following on a social media platform such as Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. And while that is an important part of the equation, a social media influencer can be and do a lot more for your clients.

Social media influencers not only have a lot of followers, but those followers are those that trust that particular person. They follow the social media influencer for a reason and that reason could be an important indicator as to whether or not that particular social media influencer would be right for your client. They also possess the power to help your client’s business as well as build and establish a new customer base and following. 

Lifestyle bloggers share a broad variety of content centered around and inspired by their personal lives — most notably family, home, travel, beauty, food, recipes, fashion, makeup, design, and decor. This style of broad content sharing inspired directly from their lives differs drastically.

Because of their audience reach, lifestyle bloggers are prodigious social influencers as well, commanding large influencer outreach across social influence mediums. Harsh Nagar is deemed as one of the finest Fashion and lifestyle bloggers these days. He is a 21-year-old young competent fashionista, lifestyle influencer, and content creator who heralds from Greater Noida. Having a great more than 23K fanbase on Instagram where he depicts his lifestyle. 

Admiring the fact that being very young and passionate he has accomplished a lot in his life. As an Instagram influencer, an Instagram he is an Instagram user with a large number of followers established credibility, and high engagement rates: Influencers leverage their trust and reach to influence their audience and thus provide an above-average impact on the market.