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Google re-notifies mobile sites using sneaky redirects

Google re-notifies mobile sites using sneaky redirects
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Google has re-notified all those mobile sites which are sneakily redirecting users to an unsuspecting website from the search results page. The company has announced on Google+ and Twitter that it has been "taking action on sites that sneakily redirect mobile users to spammy domains."


Google's announcement comes in the aftermath of some websites still trying to trick users into landing on the wrong page.


Search Engine Land has now confirmed that Google has not issued any fresh actions against the erring mobile websites, but the announcement is just a gentle reminder to prevent webmasters from using cheap tricks to divert web traffic to their site.


“As mentioned in Webspam Report 2015, spam reports from users are an important part of our spam-fighting efforts. They often help us surface issues that frustrate users – like the trend of websites redirecting mobile users to other, often spammy domains,” the company  wrote in its recent Google+ post.  


Google has always backed user interests including the correctness of its search results and the precise landing page.


"If your site has been affected, read this Help Center article on detecting and getting rid of unwanted sneaky mobile redirects," the company explained in its post.







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