Right through our childhood days we have been imparted the spiritual belief of God's omnipresence in lessons of Moral Science while Swami Swatmananda of  Chinmaya Mission has reinforced this faith with the proof of God's existence in Google Maps.


Swami has reportedly noticed a remarkable resemblance between the Chandan Tilak on the forehead of Lord Vitthal and the Google location icon. We might just wonder if Google knew about the hidden spirituality in its core design values or if it ever realised this mythical co-relation.


Here is what Swatmananda posted on his Facebook page:


The Chandan Tilak on the forehead of Lord Vitthal and the Google location icon just match so closely (not that they copied it). It’s as if God symbolises that he is omnipresent and indicates wherever we go, whatever location we search, we shall always find Him and feel his presence.


Some Facebook users have thrown a heap of praises in appreciation of Swami's post for his keen observation skills, as the post went viral on the popular social networking site.


Here are a few of those candid responses from avid Facebook users:


Swamiji you had the eye (Jnana Chak Shu) to observe it. - Geeta Jayakumar

Well said Swamiji. The success of Google is also Vitthal's blessings. - Rashmi Anand

What a fantastic observation and interpretation! Fabulous synthesis of Spirituality and Technology! - Sudhir Joshi

It is very much likely that the actual guy who designed the mark is an Indian and a devout one at that..!! - Atul Kherde