FAUG has recorded the maximum number of Pre-registrations with more than a million. Now, the gamers cannot wait till its launch and the promoters are not revealing the dates. But they have assured that it will be within December.

After the launch of the game, anybody can download the app from the APP store or the gamers can download it from the official website. Registration has already started, and a million count has crossed. You can still register from your GOOGLE PAY account.

Well, it is said that FAUG will not be a rival to PUBG as PUBG Mobile India is battle royale game and FAUG is an action game. The Play Store says, “High up on the peaks at India’s northern border, an elite fighting group projects the national pride and sovereignty. It is a daunting task, for the most courageous. The fearless and United Guards. Join a special unit of FAUG commandos on patrol in dangerous border territory. Come face to face with the Indian enemies as you engage with hostile invaders on Indian soil”. 

The game is based on real incidents, unlike PUBG. It is a made-in India initiative, developed by a Bengaluru based n-Core games whereas PUBG is a South-Korea based game.

FAUG is a new kind of game that will never force an issue about personal information as it will stay in this country only.