The giant Apple company is always trying to update its software operations with every new version. This time they have opted for a secretive button. 

With the launch of iOS14, they have inserted a button to every Apple smartphone that can further help to update to iOS14.

It is not a physical button, but the iPhone users can use the rear case of their phones as a button called, 'Back Tap'.

The 'Back Tap' has many functions. You can tap your aluminium or glass cover to operate the Control Centre, or switching on the Mute function, controlling the volume, or taking a screenshot.

You can also use it to summon your Siri.

The feature doesn't end here. You can double or triple tap to access more options. By double-tapping, you can enter your Whatsapp chat section, and by triple-tapping, you can open a new tweet draft section on Twitter. 

Triple-tapping can also take you to click some great pictures, as it can take you to the camera.