The advertisement below from Burger King wants to explain what goes into making a Whopper. Whopper is what the food chain calls its famous burgers. Owing to how difficult it is to explain this in mere seconds, and adding some tech creativity, the man in the advertisement simply says 'Okay Google'.


If you have ever used Google's Assistant, and we are sure some of you have, you know it will run a quick search reading out the answer. Now, every time the ad plays, Google Home users find that their device automatically runs a search and starts emitting out information. Imagine, this happening each time the ad plays? This has begun annoying consumers and some also find hijacking someone's device unethical, and have begun venting out their frustration on Twitter.


But that's not all. Google gets the explanation from Wikipedia. And, according to the TheVerge, it seems someone has edited the Wiki page to get the best explanation. "And all evidence suggests Burger King is behind the edit. The line was first added by someone with the username “Fermachado123,” which appears to be the username of Burger King’s marketing chief, Fernando Machado. He uses the same name on Instagram and an almost identical name on Twitter," the report added.


Anyone can go and edit Wikipedia, and this has given rise to another new-age problem. While Google is not involved in making the ad, it has reportedly stopped its Home devices from responding to it and the Wiki page is also said to have been locked.


Watch the advertisement below: