According to Bangalore Mirror, four students of Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology are developing an app that will inform travellers on where to expect a hole, and avoid the bump. Akriti Tyagi, alongwith M Kritika, Vinaydeep Kaur and Pratima Kumari, have built the app that measures intensity of a pothole using the gyro sensor fitted in a smartphone.


"It is a bimodal app where there is a pervasive mode and an interactive mode. The gyroscope measures the jerk and there are latitude and longitude coming from the GPS of the phone,” Tyagi told Bangalore Mirror. 


The pervasive mode pulls up the location and measures the pothole, while the interactive mode records the jerk and location, which will help others using the app. It will be crowd-sourced app and the students plan to install it in cab services that cover the city's length and breadth. 


The report adds that the app was built as apart of the college project last year and it is expected to be launched by August this year.