In this digital realm, many digital marketers have come up with an extraordinary idea to make it a profitable commercial arena with a prominent profile of clients, brands, and magnificent labels. Nonetheless, some marketers have done a detailed phenomenon job that they are now comprehended as one of the outstanding marketing moguls.

Talking about the leading marketing of the generation then Anmol is one of the prominent of all. Being only 19 years old and commencing his voyage at the age of 17 now owning a company named elevated his chore where he has worked with some well-known brands namely "Netflix ", "Amazon", "Zeemusic" , "Myntra" and many more.

His strategy about meme marketing is vigilant. Having enormous support from his audience he is having 15k followers on his Instagram. Apart from this, he owns around 7-10 handles on Instagram: @69gags, , tharkiiduniya, and countless others. As this field continues to grow at a brisk global pace, it is no surprise that the number of digital marketing businesses has also increased. 

But none of the less Anmol service and conceptions are still ruling the market and that's why he is among the top digital marketers. No doubt he stands out of the crowd and congregating silver feather in his hat. We wish the young talent very good luck for the future.