Business executive and serial entrepreneur, Manpreet Singh is an emerging name in the world of tech entrepreneurship. The co-founder of Innokrats (a tech company focused on Network Attached Storage devices), Manpreet Singh is all set to launch and revolutionalise the world of business through his latest venture V-Carte. Through V-Carte, he is introducing paperless and contactless business cards, which would come handy and save paper and plastic waste.

Born and raised in India, Manpreet Singh is currently studying in the United Kingdom. Just 20 years old, this young entrepreneur has already established contacts with countless companies and business people. He also got an opportunity to work with leading brands, including Microsoft India and Microsoft UK.  

Along with his partner Bikram Singh Multani, he is soon going to expand his business in the USA. Having a good hold over public relations, branding and marketing, Manpreet Singh is focussing on making the tech space more inclusive and experimental. Henceforth, he, along with his partner, has come up with introducing an environmentally friendly project.

Moreover, Manpreet Singh is already planning to bring effective changes to make the upcoming post-pandemic world more tech-friendly. Indeed, we don’t know when the pandemic would end, but this young entrepreneur is ready with his post-pandemic plans already. He is developing a food-tech booking service to assist restaurant businesses to reduce carbon emissions. Manpreet Singh also handles software, food tech, sustainable fashion, real estate sectors and holds contracts across the world. One of the unique features of Manpreet’s ventures is that they offer solutions to almost all industries. 

Being a youngster himself, Manpreet Singh is keen to help the budding youths. He believes one should never stop learning, as learning is the key to success. With a massive profit of Innokrats, he, along with his partner, is ready to remodel the post-pandemic world soon through their new business ideas and ventures. 

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