The food tech industry has been the most tricky and unforgiving, and was almost written off. But, among the few who survived the stormy weather is FreshMenu. The name brings beautiful visual of food that appeases millennials and an easy-to-use app. Today, it caters to three cities - Bengaluru, Mumbai and NCR - and has 28 operational kitchens that serve fresh food. FreshMenu has been profitable from the past 10 month, fulfilling roughly 12000 orders per day. ​

It was a leap of faith taken by its founder and one of the successful woman entrepreneur who quit her high-profile job to get back to cooking and building online kitchens. Freshmenu is the brainchild of Rashmi Daga, who unlike most of us, dreamt of owning her own company as a child.

Daga, who calls herself a non-foodie and who 'eats to live' decides the menu. But, they aren't without a fair share of arguments, she tells us. Needless to say, FreshMenu has the most appealing presentation and the tech-imbued, easy-to-use app adds to the convenience. But, the key aspect always remains the same - no compromise on the taste.

Hungry customers can be really unforgiving, and FreshMenu has a team dedicated at handling just that. "We have made our goofups, but we always acknowledge our mistakes and amend them quickly," she adds. For 2017, users can look forward to a host of new dishes, food festivals and the company's new magazine.

We visited FreshMenu’s Bengaluru office for a quick chat with Rashmi Daga. Take a look below: