VK Sasikala, the AIADMK leader, who is imprisoned in Parappana Agrahara central prison of Karnataka, is receiving a large number of letters from people in Tamil Nadu. These letters have accused her of killing J Jayalalithaa.


The angry writers have written that their curses will be haunting Sasikala forever, a leading national daily quoted sources of the prison as saying. Written in Tamil, there are more than 100 letters addressed to Sasikala have been received by the jail since the day she stepped in on February 15. 


These hate mails accuse her of hatching the plan to kill the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu and senders of them believe that there was no reason for Jayalalithaa’s sudden demise; the Times of India quoted the sources of the jail as stating.


The jail source further said that these letters came from different parts of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Salem, Karur, Dharmapuri, Villupuram and so on. Interestingly, fewer letters are sent from Chennai. 


One of the letters called Sasikala ‘ungrateful’, ‘unfaithful’ and a ‘back-stabber’ and that she will have to suffer because of her 'bad deeds'. ‘You will suffer inch by inch and repay for everything you have done,’ the letter read. Though many of these letters are of political in nature they do not pose any threat, TOI quoted the jail sources as confirming. 


Earlier, Sasikala would read all the letters, but now she skips most of them since they are mostly abusive. Her companion J Ilavarasi goes through all the mails and destroys the highly offensive ones, and the rest is what Sasikala reads.