Renowned musicologist Pappu Venugopal Rao is said to have resigned from his post as the director of Madras Music Academy, allegedly after lawyer Rraya Sarkar's explosive list of sexual predators in the academia was released. However, in his resignation letter, Rao mentioned that he was stepping down because he was unable to commit to his duties because of frequent travelling.

President of the Music Academy N Murali, speaking to the TOI, said, "The reasons given in his resignation letter are that he travels frequently and that he lives a good distance away from the city and therefore cannot cope with the commitments that come with a post in the Music Academy."

Meanwhile, another member of the Music Academy's executive committee said that Rao was seeking to be relieved since 2013 as he was finding it difficult to come early in the morning and taking charge of morning concerts and speeches. However, the academy wanted him to stay and therefore he had rented a house nearby. 

Meanwhile, in a report published by the New Indian Express, multiple sources have confirmed that the Academy had convened a meeting after Rao's name reflected in Raya Sarkar's list. He was also reportedly given an ultimatum to either deny or accept the allegations in public, both of which he refused to do.