With Amma gone, her children are now exposed to predators. This is evident from this incident in Dharmapuri district where the Child Protection Officer and an AIADMK leader Dr V. Saroja allegedly asked for a bribe of Rs 10 lakh from a single mother in order to keep her job.

In a complaint registered with the police, Rajam Meenakshi said that Saroja called her home on May 7 on the pretext of discussing an invitation that was extended to her by the complainant, but she was held captive for 2 hours instead. The discussions allegedly revolved around her chances to save her contractual job if she coughed up a bribe of Rs 10 lakh or Rs 20 lakh if she wanted a transfer to Chennai. 

Meenakshi further said how the minister pointed out that the job that she was holding was worth Rs 30 lakh and that she had to cough up the money as she does not have Amma to protect her now. Meenakshi said, "I got into the job during J.Jayalalithaa’s tenure and the Minister told me that the rate of the job I hold is Rs 30 lakhs and that I might have to pay Rs 10 lakh to keep the job or quit immediately."

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, she further added, "I was given appointment to discuss about an invitation that I had extended to her to participate in an event, but the discussions centred only round my job. Only then I realised that the pressure that I got from seniors were due to interference from the Minister. When I visited her home, she held me captive despite a recent surgery that I had undergone and abused me and passed remarks about my personal life." Meenakshi also said that Saroja had confided in her about her target of amassing Rs 4,000 crore in the coming years.