Twelve hours after a massive fire started at the Chennai Silks showroom at T Nagar, police and fire officials say that the foundations of the structure have weakened due to the heat and the building has become unsteady. The people from the area have been evacuated.

Fire broke out at the Chennai Silks showroom in Panagal Park, a famous shopping complex on Usman Road in T Nagar, at 5 am. Fire officials believe that it was the result of a short circuit. Initially, five fire tankers reached the spot, and when they were unable to control the flames, ten more were deployed. Twelve men who were working in the canteen on the seventh floor were rescued using a skylift. Thick smoke engulfed the area, stopping vehicular movement on the flyover beside the building.

Fire officials have confirmed that several commercial buildings did not comply with the fire department's regulations and did not have a no-objection certificate from the department.

A commercial establishment needs to provide a seven-meter space for movement of service and rescue vehicles at the time of emergency. But the Panagal Park has no such provision.  

Officials say there are possibilities of the building collapsing due to the weakened foundation.