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5 reasons why Dangal is a must-watch movie

  • Dangal is a 2 hour 49 minutes Bollywood film based on how Haryana girls fought odds to become international grapplers.
  • Aamir Khan played the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat, the father and coach of the girls.
  • The movie shows how Geeta Kumari, the elder one, won gold medal in the CWG 2010.
5 reasons why Dangal is a mustwatch movie
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The sports enthusiasts will definitely look forward to watching the movie, while the people who are not very much into sports will have an argument stating the movie has no suspense as it is understood that the end is about Geeta winning the Commonwealth Games 2010 gold medal in wrestling.


However, let me tell you the movie is totally not around the end. The film has the strength to glue a viewer from the very first scene; it has a knack to make a watcher a part of Geeta and Babita’s journey till the CWG 2010. Just be glad, Dangal has given us an opportunity to become a part of the roller coaster ride of two brave women, who still continue to make India proud.


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Being an Indian, here are five reasons why Dangal is the movie one must not miss.  Rush to the theatres before the Dangal fever goes down; let the makers earn back the money they invested in creating this masterpiece.


The three girls were not abandoned:


5 reasons why Dangal is a mustwatch movie


Mahavir Singh – the man who could never fulfil the dream of bringing a gold medal for India was not giving up the aim easily. He had decided if he could not become an international wrestler, his son would finish the job for him.


Sadly, he was blessed with three girls and a disappointed Mahavir finally chose to put a stone on his heart and forget his dreams – just for the love for his daughters.


Little did he know, his dreams would soon come true. His daughters were no less than the boys. Moreover, the elder one held the capability to even defeat the male wrestlers.


Predictable journey but worth witnessing it closely:


5 reasons why Dangal is a mustwatch movie


The movie portrays how Geeta Kumari and her younger sister, Babita, entered a sport, which was not meant for women in her village. This was during the 1990s where women were restricted to household work and most of them were married off at an as early age as 14.


Geeta and Babita were like any other girls in Balali, the village in Haryana where they were born and brought up. The two were fond of eating junk food, dressing up and most importantly loved their long hair like the other girls of their age.


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Watch the movie to know how the teenagers fought against their age, followed their father’s training sincerely, and did the impossible.


Exposes Haryana Government officials:


After Geeta Kumari won numerous state-level tournaments where the fights take place on mud, Mahavir Singh wanted to set up a mat platform for Geeta to practice before the national level tournaments. Since he could not afford it, he went to meet the official in charge of funds that come for Haryana athletes.


However, the official bluntly declined to help and said if Mahavir needed help regarding setting up a kitchen for Geeta, then some funds could be permitted. 


5 reasons why Dangal is a mustwatch movie The real Geeta Kumari


Geeta and Babita – inspiration:


The likes of PV Sindhu, Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal are the famous women athletes in India. However, they did not go through a fight against their family or village to take up their respective sports.


Although, that doesn’t make them any less capable of being a role model for young women but Geeta and Babita have proved to be bigger fighters.


While Geeta won gold in the group of 55kg in wrestling, Babita bagged silver in the 51kg category. These two restored our belief in the fact that there is no force that can stop a woman when she has decided to do something (any field that is.)


5 reasons why Dangal is a mustwatch movie


Last but not the least:


Watch the movie for Aamir Khan’s brilliant emulation of Mahavir Singh Phogat!


Relive the 'Golden moment' once again here ( Geeta's gold in CWG 2010):



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