In a shocking incident, a woman from Vithura in Thiruvananthapuram has filed a police complaint that she was raped by her son. The 45-year-old woman has in her complaint said that she decided to file a complaint after her son made a second attempt. 

Police arrested Prasanth, 25, based on the complaint of her mother. 

The complainant had stated that her son raped her for the first time on March 24, when she was alone at home. Her husband, the father of the accused, was away at work. Though she resisted the advances her son assaulted her till she surrendered and gagged her mouth while committing the crime. 

The woman was in a trauma and was keeping a distance from his son since the incident. She was scared and ashamed to complain but decided to approach police after Prasanth made another attempt on April 19, the police said. 

When the youth made the second attempt, the woman shouted, and her mother, who was living nearby rushed to her rescue. It was the mother of the woman who convinced her to file the complaint. 

Prasanth, who is married and has a three-year-old child, was abandoned by her wife due to his alcohol addiction. 

Police arrested the youth from his workplace.