Those who are asking girls to stay indoors, youths not to gather in crowds on road at night or to take part in celebrations inspired by ‘western concepts’, here is an argument. Don’t lakhs of people take part in the Mysuru Dasara events or Bengalueru Karaga or Kadlekai Parishe also held at night? Why no such incident has been reported during these events which are held for over a century?


Women from all walks of life, from different regions take part in all these events. Even in many decades such concept of mass molestation is not heard of. So, how far it is right to blame the entire Bengaluru or Bengalureans for the shameful incident?


Bengaluru has people from all over India. Especially Brigade Road and MG Road are full of people from all parts of the country, even outside the country including Kannadigas and native Bengalureans.


One fact to be taken note of is that all the events mentioned earlier like Dasara, Parishe or Karaga are mainly attended with the family. More than a crowd celebrating it, the people witness the particular event happening.


Comparatively, less numbers of people from other states or country take part in such programmes. But during celebrations like New Year, it is the crowd most likely doesn’t know each other. Does this mentality give courage for people to do grope women and take advantage of them?


Just because you are sure that you will not be recognised, you can do anything? The problem is this mentality. Whether it is in the mind of people who come from outside or who are living here for years together, doesn’t count.


It is so easy to make a comment that ask the girls to dress ‘modestly’, tell them not to come out on streets at night. But are the girls the real problem. No, it is the mentality of the boys who think they can do anything with the girls is the problem.


Probably the same boys going out with their family in their hometown (might be Bengaluru too) will wear the most decent mask ever. So, is this tendency because it is an unknown land and unknown girls?


Unless such a mentality changes, there are chances that girls will get groped no matter whether they are wearing a skirt or saree; whether they are out of streets or in a lift!