Though star politician MG Ramachandran was worshipped by people and his political abilities not doubted, people always considered women film stars just as glamourous. When MGR asked Jayalalithaa to join AIADMK party to attracting more audience to the party functions and speeches was his only motif.


MGR who was busy in films and other works of the party, couldn’t take part in the public events. He thought the star value of the party was going down and this was the sole reason for him to get Jayalalithaa on board- to bring the star element.


But Jayalalithaa did not know how to be a mediocre. She shined in every field she chose consciously or unconsciously. In fact, she did not want to venture into the cine field. But once she was in it, she ruled the screen.


Jayalalithaa paid 1 rupee and joined the AIADMK party on June 4, 1982. She was taken in a festive-procession on the streets of Cuddalore. The DMK had called the procession Cuddalore Cabaret.


Now, when MGR included Jayalalithaa in the party, a large number of people gathered just to see her and of course were not expecting a full-fledged speech. But Jaya took it up as a new role, prepared the speech herself and stunned the people by speaking about women’s issues, what was happening in the state and why should people support AIADMK.


Not only the people but even leaders were taken aback. It was just the beginning. There were thousands of people whenever Jayalalithaa was to address the people. Slowly, the people who used to come to see Jayalalithaa started attending the public rallies, events of the AIADMK to listen to her.


As long as people gathered in large numbers for party events, MGR was happy. He was not aware of the aura of Jayalalithaa, where not only people but even party leaders started believing she can lead the party in the absence of MGR.