On the criminal defamation case he had filed against Saritha, Chandy said it was not an ordinary allegation she had levelled against him. "A forged document is involved in it, unlike earlier allegations."


"People of the state know me very well. Everything involving me is transparent. My office is fitted with a 24-hour camera and the doors and gates of my residence – Cliff House is open at all times. I know that people will not believe these allegations," he said.    


"I will not say anything on matters which I do not know directly, "Chandy added when asked if a former UDF minister was behind the latest allegations of Saritha.        


On whether UDF had lost an election plank with CPI (M) changing its stand on the policy, Chandy said it was a 'big victory' for the Congress front as they were forced to accept the UDF policy, which they had strongly opposed.


"They were forced to change their stand on liquor policy out of fear of a backlash since the UDF policy had received full support of the people," he said, adding government was not looking at political gain.


"Our aim is to bring in welfare and prosperity in the social sector," he said.  Asked if the confusion over selection of candidates would impact the poll outcome, he said all those issues had been sorted out through mutual discussions.


"Today Congress and UDF is moving ahead together. It is not possible to satisfy everyone. But maximum efforts have been taken to accommodate all, though there were limitations". Admitting that there had been omissions, he said that to achieve a bigger goal, the party would go together in the polls, forgetting smaller issues.


Asked if re-nominating ministers facing corruption charges would impact the poll outcome, he said that in the last five years, the opposition had not been able to prove any of the charges or show evidence to substantiate the allegations. "The repeated victory of UDF in three by-elections and Lok Sabha polls was proof of that," Chandy said.


People of the state know me very well. Everything involving me is transparent.  I know that people will not believe these allegations," says Oommen Chandy


Pointing out that he has been in public domain for the last 50 years, he felt if there was even one per cent truth in any of the charges, he was not fit to be in public life.


On women and youth not being given fair opportunity in candidate selection, he said Congress is a party which has several leaders. "Not just that, in each constituency there are five leaders who have the full support of the people. However, only one person can be selected as candidate."


Taking a swipe at CPI (M), he said they had to search for candidates outside their party as they did not have enough leaders like the Congress. "The Marxist party had to take on independents in various constituencies," he said.