Being an invitee at the national conference of the DYFI, the youth wing of the CPM, did not deter Radhika Vemula, mother of the deceased Dalit activist and Hyderabad University scholar Rohit Vemula, from criticising the left for its hostile attitude towards the Dalits and Ambedkarites. The DYFI invited Radhika Vemula and her son Raja Vemula as part of its agenda to show solidarity with Dalit cause. But, Vemula used the opportunity to attack the left and give the youth organisation some moments of introspection. 

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Radhika Vemula started her speech in Telugu, which was translated to English by Raja, by thanking the left for standing by with the protests after the death of her son last year. But she went on to point out that the Dalit activists and Ambedkarites are still under attack from the left organisations. 

Dalit Students organisations are under attack from the SFI, the student wing of the CPM, even in Kerala, she said referring to the recent attack on Dalit student activists in MG University campus. 

I am pained to hear that Rohit Vemula's portrait was also destroyed in one of these attacks led by the SFI.  Even in JNU, the left is opposing Dalit organisations, she regretted. 

Dalits and tribes are still awaiting land in Kerala. It is painful that CK Janu, leader of tribal land struggle, had to join the BJP camp, Radhika said urging the left to join hands with minorities and Dalits in their struggle for existence.