Looking for a property to buy in the IT capital city in India? Then here is an online tool that will help you to get all the details that will help you avoid future property related problems. 


After the state government bulldozed properties in Bengaluru due to encroaching the drains, a start-up has come up with this tool to help buyers assess encroachment as well as get other information before making a purchase. 


Country's first real estate risk assessment start-up firm, ZippServ has launched Zippserv Protect which is a free Google Map-based risk assessment tool to help people in Bengaluru make a better property purchase decision. 


This tool has features to mark rajakaluves as well as lake encroachments as per the  Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) revenue map. It highlights primary and secondary drains and also helps the users to see the width of a rajakaluve as well as the extent of any encroachment. 


It has a responsive theme and has been well optimised even to run smoothly on mobile platforms. This tool has 50 GB data and you can search as well as download various relevant information within seconds. 


According to a Deccan Chronicle report, the ZippServ team has done six months intensive groundwork to collect and incorporate information that covers 800 sq km of Bengaluru city. 


Sudeep Anandapuram, the co-founder and CEO of the firm, disclosed that this tool was an in-house product to help the app in assessing the risk of their pre-existing users which has been made available for the public to identify encroached properties. 


Click here to access the tool.